is your place to get information on my business CoolTieDye. CoolTieDye is a small business located in Central Ohio, selling shirts by Andrea Wei. You can find general information on shirt designs that I currently make, how to order my items, how to contact me, and more, here at the CoolTieDye website. Please note that we do not post pictures of our shirt designs on the website, and you cannot purchase shirts from this website.

CoolTieDye is proud to be a licensed Crafter with The Ohio State University to make and sell our popular Ohio State themed Tie Dye designs. Included in our designs are the various Block O Tie Dye shirts, the various Buckeye Tie Dye shirts, as well as many other fun Tie Dye designs that will be appreciated by any Buckeye fan. As always, we make them all right here in Central Ohio, but they are only sold through our business. When you purchase one of our shirts, you not only get a great shirt and support a small business here in Central Ohio, but you are also supporting The Ohio State University. We support the Ohio State "Buy Buckeye" awareness campaign. Go Bucks!

When you want to get a great Tie Dye, always get a CoolTieDye!


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