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 About Our Products


Cool Tie Dye brings together great shirts, a quality dyeing process, and both beautiful and fun designs, to offer you unique and expressive clothing. With our Ohio State licensing, most of the year we now focus our sales on Ohio State themed items. For general information on our current designs, please see below. We do not post pictures on our website, and you cannot directly order shirts from our website.

The Cool Tie Dye line of designs are each made exclusively by Andrea Wei's business, each one by hand, and includes a variety of types of clothing. We mainly dye shirts, but have experience with dyeing a variety of items.

If you are interested in a particular design which you have seen (or heard about) at one of the Cool Tie Dye booth displays, please Email or call us.


Current Designs We Do


OSU Design Tie Dye - Currently, CoolTieDye mainly produces our Ohio State themed Tie Dye shirts and clothing. Besides our Block O Tie Dye designs, we also have a variety of other fun OSU designs which we make. We do not post pictures of our designs on the website, but recommend visiting us at one of our booth displays to view our designs. We have booth displays around Ohio as we attend various Craft shows, Festivals, and home OSU football games. See our Other Info page for currently scheduled events. For more information, please Email or call us.


Non-OSU Design Tie Dye - Currently, we limit inventory of other designs to specific events that we attend periodically throughout the year. We create designs appropriate for specific events we attend. If you have seen a design at one of our booth displays, and have questions, please Email or call us.

Custom Design Tie Dye-Our custom design work is very limited, and usually only available outside of the Football season, during the early months of the year. If you have questions or requests, please Email or call us.


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