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How to Order a shirt, Exchange, or place a Custom Order?

Ordering a Shirt

CoolTieDye operates through personalized service with all orders for our items, and does not offer a "shopping cart" on-line selection and purchasing through our website. All orders must be placed through an Email or calling us.

We sell items which we have currently in stock, and will discuss payment and delivery options at the time of your request. All pricing and costs are quoted with each order in advance. If you have more questions about ordering a shirt, or would like to order a shirt, please Email or call us.

The best place to get a shirt is at one of our event set ups. Please see the Other Info page for our show schedule.

Exchanging a shirt

If you need to exchange a shirt, you will need to keep the original CoolTieDye tags with the shirt. You can notify Andrea that you need to do an exchange by sending a photo of the shirt to Andrea with the new size that you need. You can send it through text or Email.

Exchanges can be done through the mail, or at any of our scheduled shows. For mail exchanges, please contact us, and we will arrange for you to mail us the item for exchange. Customers are responsible for the mailing costs involved with exchanges by mail. Please call or text us for more details.


Custom Ordering a shirt

Ohio State themed shirt designs can be custom ordered if we don't have the item in stock. When you contact us for an order, we can let you know if we don't have a specific design in stock, and the timeframe involved with ordering it. Production time for custom orders vary, and will be confirmed at the time of the custom order.

For non-Ohio State themed designs, custom ordering is very limited. There are some designs we will do throughout the year, but may require a longer timeframe for production. Most custom orders must be done outside of OSU Football season, during the early months of the year for us. For questions about custom orders, please Email or call us.